Our Concept

MeDash Mobile is here to make your life easier. Our concierge urgent care will come to where you are! How about waiting in your own home or office. Our highly trained medical professionals are waiting to serve you.


We strive to give you price transparency. Within our service area, the fee is $150 per patient* which covers our trip and care of our medical professional. There may be additional charges for any tests or stitches if they are deemed necessary in the course of treatment. 

Test Pricing

  • Covid - $25
  • Strep - $25
  • Flu - $25
  • RSV - $25 (Only for 12 and under)
  • Mono - $25
  • UA - $10


Pricing for sutures begins at $250 and can vary depending on the complexity of the case.


We currently do not accept insurance. We accept a majority of credit/debit cards, HSA cards, and cash transfer services! Payment will be due at time of service.

* Patient visit fee is $175 for appointments after hours on weekdays or visits on weekends. Also, if more than one immediate family member is being seen at the same location, the service fee drops to $75 per additional patient. 

We will consider appointments outside of our current service area, but it may require an additional $25 travel fee. If this applies, you will be apprised in advance.

Healthcare Services

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